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I'm With You

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Sep. 8th, 2011 | 05:02 pm
mood: excitedexcited

1, 2, 3, 4...
Monarchy of Roses: I like it.
Factory of Faith: I really like it, beautiful lyrics schweffing the bass.
(it was around here that I started to freak out; "OH MY GOD I JUST BOUGHT THE NEW 2011 CHILI ALBUM. THEIR NEW ALBUM. IN 2011. THIS IS WHAT I AM HEARING IN MY EARS. I AM HEARING 2011 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS MUSIC IN MY EARS.") And what's going on with the guitar and bass towards the end? This is amazing!
Brendan's Death Song: It's evident Keidis has been working on his voice. I really like this song too; I can always tell when I have nothing to say but I kind of get this glazed look in my eyes and start drooling, it's a good song. Let me live So when it's time to die Even the reaper cries Let me die So when it's time to live Another son will rise. Ahhh wow this is really good.
Ethiopia: We're rolling everybody. It starts with the bass. Yess. Damn right it starts with the bass. Wow see, this is what I was talking about; vocals have evolved hugely from Statium Arcadium, which was already pretty magnificent. Let's talk about the lack of John Frusciante: noteable - each of these songs are amazingly beautiful, but with John, oh with John... You know what I mean, don't you? I can't help it. I don't want to be one of those fans whose ignorance prevent them from appreciating beautiful music if a band member is missing from it. But what can I say? We all know it's true. Frusciante's new stuff misses the groovy, saucy edge of the chilis. I miss Frusciante.
Annie Wants A Baby: Is this 'This Is The Place?' Oh, no, it's not. Still, pretty similar intro. I quite like this song as well though, one thing all the chilis music has in common, every song ever written, just has this way of playing not in your ears but right in your chest, the bass threatening to crack your ribs open, just because it's so damn good. There's something touching about them, I don't know. Anyway, this song is no exception: Makes my mind fly along.
Look Around: I'm not in love with the chorus. But the verse is sooo good, it reminds me of some of the earlier stuff, but with the refinement that I noticed on Stadium Arcadium. I'm sorry, I know none of these are critiques you'd appreciate - WOAH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FUNKY SOUND I'M LOVING THIS SONG - I mean, they're nit very technical and they're certainly very biased, This is a sick song, this is a really good song.
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie: Hot n spicy pepper juice dripping onto your bare back, dripping into your ears. And them bam, a flood of awesomeness surges through your soul. Is it obvious I love this band? One very groovy song. The end makes me think a little of Stomp, if stomp was funkier.
Did I Let You Know: Right from the intro, I like it, musically and lyrically. Oh shit, is this a trumpet :D ? And I have to say, without Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer is very good in a completely different way -
Goodbye Hooray: So the beginning grabs you and starts spanking your eardrums. And then the rest of the song follows through beautifully, only getting better. Guitar flails around a little before everything sort of holds its breath underwater for a bit. Then more stuff. Good song.
Happiness Loves Company: Good song. (Just because I don't go on doesn't mean I don't mean it; I just say something when I have something to say, and I just like this song).
Police Station: The introduction seduces you gently.
Even You Brutus?: This is a new side of the chilis I haven't heard, I say at the intro. And then beautiful lyrics and that casual, funky verse. I'm loving this album and dreading the moment when I have to get back to Frankenstein.
Meet Me At The Corner: I like this. I live and I learn And I lose and I win But it's better than ever Whenever I'm in. I don't want to pick a favourite song, but this would be a strong contestant.
Dance, Dance, Dance: I know it's called Dance, Dance, Dance, and you're like, Oh no, Please don't let it be an uhnntss uhnntss uhnntss song, and it's not, it's brilliant.
Like the album: refreshed, I love it.
Ok, well, it's now time for me to Frankenstein and Oscar Wilde, so I can go out tonight with Tak and have a great time with my besty.

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