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starry, starry night

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Jun. 26th, 2012 | 08:59 pm

Alone in a urine-soaked prison cell
Xavius Scullark-Johnson dies, after his cries
For health care go rejected.
I've never seen information be more easily deflected
Than when it's this kind of unpleasant.
Another rainy day like all the others, I sit at home, pensive, pregnant
On the windowledge sometimes, smelling the rain outside
I'm waiting.
It burns through every one of my organs
To know a man screamed out for his life, and everyone ignored him
More so to know that this happens in millions
Millions of times over, within a single second,
Millions of days over, and no one in the least repentant.
In fact, speaking collectively as a race,
When haven't we assigned coffins
To innocent people in the name of profit?
What then gives a horrorist hope?
At what does a horrorist grope
In the dark, lonely and afraid
Reading the news on a rainy summer's day?
There is the promise of large, comforting arms
Soon to circle around me, to soothe and charm
And more immediately,
A little body, legs and arms squirm around
Inside my growing stomach, I have the hastened sound
Of its tiny heartbeat permanently ingrained
Inside my own larger heart, and I keep it on replay.

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